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Talented Professionals


Jeremy & Julieth

Cuban salsa !! 🇨🇺 

The director of SLA with his amazing dance partner, the perfect duo both highly energetic and in love with dancing and teaching ! Julieth has over 10 years dancing salsa from the time she was learning, teaching and competing in Colombia !

Jeremy & Jessica

Bachata 💃 

Jessica Lai is a renowned teacher and dancer from LDA, having won multiple national titles and has taught international she focuses on technique and feeling, paired up with the fun and playful Jeremy the two makes the class not only highly educational but also enjoyable !

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Jeremy & Anisa

Introduction beginners course

What better way to kick off your dance journey with the highly energetic director of SLA and his partner who's been dancing Salsa for over 6 years one of the most elegant, passionate and enchanting dancer on the social floor !

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Our Team


Julieth Romero

Cuban salsa
Salsa ladies styling

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