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Welcome To Street Latin Australia

Passion in bringing latin and street dancing together


Our Story

Here at SLA we pride ourselves in teaching both Street and Latin dancing in a super fun and social environment. We show that by taking our students to dance parties or organise dinners after most of our classes where we have bonding time and grow our SLA family. 

Most of our instructors have travelled around the world to learn the art and culture of the dance that they're teaching and all of them are passionate, fun, friendly and genuine souls 



Classes We Offer

Embrace Your Love of Dance


Cuban Salsa / Salsa Romantica

Let’s Do It

Run by the highly energetic founder of the school Jeremy Tang who spent 5 years travelling around the world to improve his love of street dancing but shortly falling in love with Cuban salsa and later on Salsa Romantica.



Get those body rolls going !

Bachata sensual is a fun, sexy, intimate dance that's easy to start off with. Having travelled to Europe for many years we specialise in Bachata Sensual techniques and soft and smooth leading on the social dance floor.


Special Courses

Anisa & Jeremy’s Bachata Sensual courses, Rnb/Reggaeton grooves + many more

We regularly have special courses running, we love collaborating with other artists and run them as 8 week courses. We also run a Salsa fusion course where we teach salsa steps mixed with hiphop, reggaeton, rnb, afro house grooves, all in the aim of having a great time and learning some steps for the clubs !!

Get in Touch

Please don't hesitate to contact us so we can find you the right style, level, convenient time slot etc.

We're happy to help !

See you soon x


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